Saturday, December 15, 2012

friday date night

My boy has been "dying" to see The Hobbit since there were rumors of the movie being made. He says he's been waiting 10 years for this moment and can't believe it's finally here. Die hard fan? I think so. I've always liked the Tolkien stories, but he is making a Ring Nerd out of me. And I secretly like it:)
We invited my younger bro and his friend Courtney Wible who is visiting from BYU Idaho. Such a fun night! We started at The Blue Lemon in Highland (one of our faves, we had our wedding dinner in the upstairs banquet room). I got the Oriental Salad as always, Spencer and Courtney both got the Balsamic Chicken Panini, and Dallin got the Lemon Grilled Chicken BLT. And of course, couldn't pass up the Butternut Squash Soup and Sweet Potato Fries. Yummers.
Pit stop so my boy could get his Jr. Mints. I am totally against buying the candy at the theater unless it is an emergency... which sometimes it is.
Back to our place for games and hot cocoa. Crazy kids.
Gotta end the night with a good tackle/wrestling match. Of course.

Friday, December 14, 2012

i do

September 1, 2012
The day we began our together forever. 
The day couldn't have been more perfect.
Friends, family, temple, doughnuts, milk, dancing, and love.
Lots of adventures are coming. 
We believe in each other and always on the same side. 
I love my Spencer Judd and i'm lucky to have him.